3 April – 4 May
Preview Wednesday 3 April 6–8pm

Michael Lett
312 Karangahape Road
Cnr K Rd & East St
Auckland 1145
New Zealand
P +64 9 309 7848

Tuesday–Friday 11am–5pm
Saturday 11am–3pm

Hookaloti presents a playful environment filled with hundreds of wall mounted hooks. The hooks are all functional, yet decorative, designed to be used individually or in clusters, and incredibility idiosyncratic. Made in ceramic, hand-formed glass, recycled plastic, wood, found objects, forged steel and sand cast aluminium, Gamper has piggybacked on various New Zealand workshops of friends and craft studios. This is a project about exploration, invention and collaboration. All the work is informed by the place that it is made, the possibilities and limitations of each studio. The artisanal interests of each host has had huge bearing on what work has been made. The aluminium hooks from Karl Fristch’s Wellington Studio, were carved rapidly from polystyrene and sand cast within minutes. Recycled Christchurch plastics in Rob Upritchard’s studio were shredded, heated and sausage like extrusions were hand formed into plausible hooks. The glass hooks were fabricated in Monmouth Glass studio, Ponsonby, in a single morning. Rather than blowing glass, the artist and Stephen Bradbourne decided to work with the natural inclinations of the material by elongating a glass drop. The ceramic hooks in this show were made in multiple potteries over the last 5 years- Shoal Bay (Great Barrier), Rahu Road Pottery (Paeroa), Mount pottery (Mount Manganui), Nicholas Brandon’s pottery (Kaimata) and Barry Brickell’s Driving Creek Pottery.
Gamper is foremost a wood worker. During his New Zealand trip he made 2 tables out of 40,000 year old swamp Kauri, mined in the 1980’s and sourced as a ‘job lot’ from Kaitaia, carefully conserved by a local woodturner, in Darryl Ward and Katie Lockhart’s Hillcrest garage. ‘Trade Me’ found, 1970’2 NZ manufactured chairs, caught Gamper’s eye because of their mid-century design quality have been transformed into a group of 4 velvet upholstered chairs.

An installation titled Gesamtkunsthandwerk will also be showing across Michael Lett and Ivan Anthony galleries. The title refers to a fusion of art, design and craft, with a focus on the handmade. A continuation of a project by Karl Fritsch, Martino Gamper and Francis Upritchard begun in 2011 at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth, Gesamtkunsthandwerk includes artworks by Nicholas Brandon, Jaime Jenkins, Laurie Steer and Lisa Walker.