Martino Gamper, Francis Upritchard
Anton Kern Gallery
FOG Design+Art 2019

January 17 –20, 2019

Enveloped by India yellow walls, Anton Kern Gallery’s debut booth at FOG Design+Art is the stage for an intricately designed installation of Francis Upritchard’s sculptures, ceramics, and drawings, coupled with Martino Gamper’s furniture. Wife and husband, and frequent collaborators, Upritchard and Gamper bring together contrasting yet complementing approaches to the making of three-dimensional objects.

The couple’s joint presentation at FOG is decidedly inspired by the counter-culture and Nature Boys movements that sprang up in California in the 1940s and 50s, and culminated in the 1967 Summer of Love in San Francisco. In addition, it can be read as an homage to the spirit of legendary sculptor and designer J.B. Blunk, who had built his home and studio in the 1960s near the town of Inverness, CA: exactly where Gamper fabricated the tables, seats and shelves shown at the fair. Combined with Upritchard’s marvelous and eccentric figures, glass and bronze sculptures, as well as watercolor drawings, this collaboration creates a synergetic environment that echoes the spirit of the city.